Winchester Ammo

Winchester Ammo

USA Handgun- The Winchester brand has been developing and perfecting their ammunition for over 100 years, and this line of handgun ammo is the perfect example of their hard work. If you need reliable, accurate rounds with controlled recoil for the ranger or target practice, this affordable line works well with a variety of firearms. Composed of reloadable brass cases, non-corrosive box primers, and clean burning powders, this ammunition will be sure to meet your needs.

USA .38 Super +P- All of the high quality components that Winchester is known for brought together with an affordable price that makes a perfect choice for long training sessions or competitions. Loaded with 130 grain bullets and shows no expansion or barrel leading.

M22 .22 LR- These 40 grain, blackened, plated, round nose bullets were created specifically for shooters who use high capacity magazines. All of the high quality craftsmanship of this ammo such as non-corrosive primers and clean burning powders produce reliable feeding and accuracy sure to impress.

Varmint HE .22 LR- You have never been so deadly shooting your .22 rimfire as you will be with this Winchester varmint ammunition. They have evolved technology that splits the 37 grain hollow point bullet into three shards upon impact. The dense rear core creates flawless perforation for fatal results on your targeted small game.

Varmint HV .22 Magnum- Winchester has managed to produce high velocities of up to 2250 fps with this lightweight 30 grain, polymer tipped, jacketed hollow point bullet combination. The polymer tip choice creates an eruptive expansion upon impact, but prevents feeding issues for maximum reliability in a fast paced environment.

.17 HMR- This super light 17 grain V-Max bullet produces maximum speeds and terminal results on small game. Winchester designed this line after centerfire bullets to create a flatter, more accurate trajectory.

Bonded PDX1 Handgun- Winchester designed this line to meet tough FBI guidelines and protocol. A lead core and copper jacket are welded together to allow ultimate weight retention after harsh impacts and maximum penetration. The cases are nickel plated for outstanding repeatability. A copper alloy jacket with six uniquely placed notches creates disciplined expansion, and is useful in both long and short range conditions.

PDX1 Defender Rifle- Premium personal defense ammo that harnesses Winchester’s unique Split Core Technology. This SCT design combines a welded back end lead core to the jacket to create perforation, while the front end of the core is unattached for maximum expansion. These one of a kind features make for a powerful and deadly combination.

PDX1 Personal Defense Shotshells- These black oxide high base head shotshells are offered by Winchester in 410 and 12 Gauge. The 410 was designed specifically for use in the Taurus Judge, and is useful in both personal defense and varmint control. The 12 gauge combination of buckshot and slug create tight patterns that make performance a breeze at short or long distances.

Super-X Silvertip Handgun- The initial development of this jacketed silvertip was to replace the traditional hollow points that Law Enforcement had been using. Winchester created a specially engineered notched jacket for controlled expansion, while maintaining weight, energy, and ending with powerful penetration for deadly accuracy. As with all Winchester ammunition, the highest quality components are used in this top of the line handgun ammo.

Ballistic Silvertip- Winchester has managed to produce an outstanding line of rifle ammunition by using Nosler Ballistic Tips with a solid lead-alloy core, boattail design, and unique jacket contours to produce amazing long distance accuracy. The caliber dictates whether you’ll have a focus on controlled expansion(larger calibers), or rapid fragmenting (small calibers).

XP3- A line that stands out above the rest due to the combination of Winchester’s Fail Save, Accubond, and Ballistic Silvertip lines. This one of a kind design boasts two stage expansion to ensure your shot keeps the intended target down. A bonded lead core creates immense strength and durability for excellent penetration and weight retention. This triple threat is sure to get you the trophy you’ve been looking for!

Accubond- A bonded lead-alloy core in this premium ammo creates controlled expansion and maximum weight retention for deadly results. As with all of Winchester’s supreme ammunition, the accubond line makes use of a polymer tip and the signature Lubalox®coating for reduced barrel fouling. This high quality combination is designed from beginning to end to impress.

Razorback XT Rifle- Winchester was first on the scene with this original cartridge created specifically for wild-hog hunting. Powders that are meant to suppress flash are ideal for the low light or night time conditions required during a hog hunt. The components are solid gilding metal, lead free, and designed to completely destroy a hog’s tough hide, while delaying expansion until the optimal moment to ensure the kill.

Super-X Power Max bonded- A hunting ammunition ideal for deer and game in the same size range. Winchester designed this hollow point bullet with a solid lead core and welded it to a sleek, notched casing for outstanding long-range accuracy with a deadly expansion. All of these great features are packed together for a desirable hunting ammo with an attractive price tag.

E-Tip- This Winchester ammunition for big game uses gilding metal instead of copper for little to no fouling, and is lead free. Also, along with the gilding metal that creates almost 100% weight retention for a deadly punch, there is a polymer tip with a cavity designed specifically for immense expansion. This specialized big game ammo is sure to please!

Dual Bonded Handgun- Hailed as “one of the most innovative bullet designs in the history of Winchester”. The dual jacket technology is composed of a heavy outer jacket that is bonded to an inner bullet with a lead core welded to a second inner jacket. The combination of the two jackets allows for two rounds of 6 fragments to great large amounts of tissue damage. Whether you want to use your handgun to hunt deer or larger, harder to fall game like bears or hogs, this outstanding ammunition will get the job done, no questions asked.

9mm NATO- Winchester loaded this ammunition at up to 10% higher pressure than normal 9mm luger ammo to meet the US military specs. The higher pressure means greater velocities and energy transferred to your intended target. Please note that this ammo should only be used with modern, good condition firearms due to the increased pressure.

Super Clean NT Handgun- If you are an environmentally conscious hunter, or on an outing in an area that has stringent laws on their ammo, this was designed specifically for non-toxic performance. Built to use indoors or outdoors, the primers are lead and heavy metal free, the primers use nickel-plated cups, and the powder is cleaning burning with very little flash. The 105 grain, tin-core, soft point bullets have lead free brass jackets.

Super Target Shotshells- This competition grade (2-1/34, 1-1/8 oz loads) ammo is perfect for keeping Winchester’s great performance while not breaking your pocketbook. It has muzzle velocities up to 1200 fps, and works great on clay, on the range, or on small game birds.

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