Weatherby Ammo

Weatherby Ammo

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Weatherby Ammunition Bullet Type Summary

Barnes TTSX – New- The Barnes Bullet Company has taken the proven performance of their Triple Shock X bullet and added a highly streamlined polymer tip. This new advancement has resulted in a super fast projectile that pushes velocities and performance to an entirely new level. They kept the proven Triple Shock X 100% Copper Bullet Design so you can expect the same Dead-Right-There hunting performance that you expect from Barnes Bullets, yet this new polymer tip increases the ballistic coefficient of the projectile nicely thereby improving down range energy, velocity and terminal performance. The polymer tip and re designed nose cavity make bullet expansion occur even faster.

Barnes TSX - Shortly after its introduction to the shooting public the Barnes X Bullet became regarded as a landmark event in bullet design. An all copper bullet that retained nearly all of its original bullet weight upon impact was considered all but impossible and yet Barnes proved that not only was it doable but it was superior to many other offerings on the market. Improving upon the original Barnes X Bullet the new TSX, or as its commonly known name of Triple Shock, uses a series of properly positioned rings on its shaft that reduces firing pressure allowing the TSX to be loaded at higher velocities for maximum terminal performance. Weatherby Ammunition loaded with the bullet has become a real favorite of the American shooting public.

Nosler Accubond- The most advanced hunting bullet ever introduced by Nosler. The Accubond is a polymer tipped bonded core bullet that flies true, expands rapidly and retains a high percentage of its original weight. It delivers an amazingly high degree of terminal performance and is made with a special alloy that reduces barrel fouling. The Accubond is the Nosler benchmark that all other bonded bullets will be measured. Weatherby makes great use of the Accubond bullet in is premium line of Centerfire Ammunition.

Magnum Ultravelocity Ammunition- A line that lives up to the Weatherby standard that has been set forth over years of reliability and quality production. This ammo is pieced together with the finest quality bullets, Norma brass, Norman powders, and custom primers which give the exactness of hand loads that many hunters are looking for.

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