Hornady Ammo

Hornady Ammo

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Hornady Ammunition Type Summary

Superformance- Created with the finest quality brass either made or hand selected by Hornady ammunition professionals for dependable feeding, corrosion protection, hardness, and ability to handle ultimate chamber pressure. No matter what game you have on your mind for the hunt, Hornady ammo uses their GMX, SST, and InterBond bullets and are safe for all firearms from 243 - 458 to provide maximum execution in all situations. Their specialized powders allow the incredible velocity without all of the muzzle blast and recoil. You simply won't achieve this type of accuracy with just any run of the mill ammunition!

Superformance Varmint- All of the offerings of the Superformance Hornady line wrapped into Varmint cartridges. Performing at velocities of 100-200 FPS faster than any regular ammo, you will be sure to hit your intended target. Offering longer range, flatter trajectory, and less wind drift creates outstanding accuracy and more kills all around. The polymer tipped V-Max and NTX bullets used in the cartridges create even more accuracy and expansion upon delivery.

Varmint Express- Created to routinely accomplish rapid and complete fragmentation at any practical varmint shooting velocity. These hand inspected cartridges are loaded to guarantee the best consistency among lots. This line consists of V-MAX, HP or even the NTX bullets (in case you have lead restrictions in your area) depending on the caliber type.

Varmint Express Rimfire- Whether you want to take down some varmint, or spend the day targeting tin cans, the varmint express rimfire ammo is affordable and effective. It is available in 17HMR, 17Mach 2, and 22WMR.

Superformance Match- This high velocity, impeccably accurate ammunition with increased range and reduced wind drift is perfect for accuracy competitors and military personnel alike. To achieve such high standards and outstanding results, Hornady utilized their A-MAX and Boattail Hollowpoint Match bullets and combined with their highest standard of cases, and custom blended according to load propellants. You won't be able to deny your improved accuracy once you've tried this unrivaled line.

Match- Composed with either Hornady's A-MAX bullets or the high-performance boattail hollow points, this is a quality match grade ammunition that will ensure consistency. The strict management of product quality allows for repeat-ability in speed and accuracy which means more reliability and confidence while taking your shot. When you're at a match, having an ammunition you trust creates one less distraction.

Steel Match- A cost efficient option that still provides Hornady's impeccable quality, accuracy, and performance that has become expected of their name. Built with steel coated cartridge cases and non-corrosive berdan primers, along with Hornady Match rifle bullets or Hornady Action Pistol bullets, this ammunition is good for play, practice, or competition.

LeveRevolution- Finally a quality ammo, designed specifically for lever action rifles and revolvers. Hornady's Flex Tip Technology used in their FTX and MonoFlex bullets creates a better ballistic coefficient, allows the bullet to expand reliably from 800 to 2,000 FPS or more, and still provides shock absorbing safety in the magazine. As with all Hornady Ammunition, state of the art propellants, casings, and primers are used to maximize accuracy and speed.

Custom- Loaded using InterLock, SST, InterBond, and GMX bullets and hand selected or Hornady forged brass resulting in one outright tough and reliable ammuntion. The Custom line was created for the shooter who wants the upper hand of handloaded ammo without all of the hassle that comes along with it. The powder and primer used is matched to each load for premium results that are unrivaled.

Dangerous Game- When hunting dangerous game, you want to be sure that your ammunition is accurate, reliable, and able to get the job done quickly. Hornady has created this near-handloaded series by painstakingly choosing each powder and primer to match the load to ensure the highest presure, velocity, and most reliable ignition. SP-RP InterLock and heavy duty DGX and DGS bullets are used to establish maximum penetration on the intended target. The DGS bullets are created with tough copper clad steel jackets and are recommended for thick-skinned game.

Critical Duty- Designed after 8 years of rigorous ballistic research and development to meet FBI tactical handgun ammo tests and protocol. The intelligent design of the FlexLock bullet can recognize barriers and react accordingly for maximum performance, and resist clogging and aid expansion. An InterLock band serves to prevent separation and maintain the weight of the bullet. To simplify chamber checks and eliminate cartridge tarnish, Hornady chose nickel plated cases. They also kept night vision a top priority and loaded all Critical Duty ammo with low flash propellants. Finally, the high-antimony lead core is not only economical, but durable to routinely perform at FBI standards.

Critical Defense- Designed for concealed carry guns and self defense. The FlexTip bullet technology allows the Critical Defense line to outperform average hollow points with their elimination of clogging and exceptional consistency. As with the Critical Duty series, they use nickel cases for easy visibility and zero corrosion, low flash to preserve night vision. The reduced recoil in lightweight handguns makes firing and breeze. The FTX bullet provides reliable and repeatable expansion, and is unaffected by thick or heavy clothing.

Custom Handgun- Over 60 jacketed pistol bullets have been designed according to what Hornady customers have requested. All of which are loaded with their signature XTP, FMJ, or FTX top quality bullets for deadly accuracy. Each Bullet is loaded with the highest quality hand chosen or Hornady made brass for dependability and anti-corrosion. The primer and powder is matched to the load for lot to lot consistency and reliability.

TAP FPD- Tactical ammunition for personal defense that is offered for Rifles, Handguns, and shotguns. Nickel coated cases for easy visibility, and improved feeding. The shotgun ammo is the tightest buckshot pattern available.

Shotgun- Hornady offers three different shotgun series: SST Shotgun Slugs, Heavy Magnum Turkey, and Buckshot. The SST Slugs utilize the FTX Bullet to deliver unmatched accuracy and deadliness. The Buckshot and Magnum Turkey both feature the VersaTite wad which produces the tightest patterns available. All of these series are put together with the finest products that Hornady has to offer.

Zombie Max- A neat conversation piece, and lifesaving tools in a zombie apocalypse. All of your needs will be met when the onslaught of zombies comes knocking on your door if you prepare with these z-max cartridges in handgun, rifle, and buckshot: 380 Auto, 9MM Luger, 40 S&W, 45 Auto, 223 REM, 7.62X39, 30-30 WIN, 308 WIN, and 12 GA. Also included: Zombie-apocalypse survival tips right on the box!

Vintage Match- Have a WWII era firearm, and need top notch specific ammo? Look no further. This Hornady ammo was created with the same standards as Custom Match ammo to give the best results and accuracy possible out of your vintage gun!

Custom Lite Rifle- All of the benefits and high quality components of the Hornady Custom ammo, wrapped into a hand selected bullet weight and propellant blend for reduced recoil ammo. This is a great choice for junior or beginner hunters who may be more sensitive to heavy recoil. While the rounds provide 26% to 43% less recoil, they still offer the accuracy and premium quality that Hornady has come to be known for.

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