Federal Premium Ammo

Federal Premium Ammo

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Federal Premium Ammunition Type Summary

Vital Shok- Built for consistent terminal performance on medium to large game regardless of where in the world they are found, this ammunition, Federal Premium Vital Shok, reins supreme. These Federal Ammunition offerings have some of the hardest hitting, most destructive, and best ballistic performing bullets available in any hunting ammunition line currently in production. If it’s a weekend hunt at the old elk camp or the trip of a lifetime Federal Vital Shok is the most trusted name for premium ammunition. Start your ammo search with Vital Shok if you want serious performance from your hunting ammunition. Once in a lifetime hunting opportunities only come once in a lifetime!

Cape Shok - If you're hunting adventure means putting your life on the line then Federal Premium Cape Shok may just be the ammo your looking for. These rounds are designed to deliver knock-out punches on the worlds fiercest, largest and most dangerous game. This Federal Ammunition also features some of the most impressive bullet offerings to be found including the legendary Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, Sledgehammer, Barnes Triple Shock and others.

Federal V Shok- Federal Premium V-Shok Varmint Ammunition is built to provide explosive fragmentation upon impact. These bullets are ideal for use on coyotes, prairie dogs, ground hogs, and other destructive vermin. This line of Federal Ammunition is designed to be affordable so you can shoot as often as you like. They even offer a non lead "Green" option in the TNT brand of ammunition just in case you're hunting on lands with lead bullet restrictions.

AE Handgun- Whether you want to do some indoor range training (IRT) or shoot off some rounds in the backyard, these handgun options are a great, cost effective fit for all of your high volume shooting needs. Federal Premium is a trusted brand, and created this line with their well-known integrity, accuracy, and consistency in mind.

AE Rifle- If you are looking to improve your accuracy and skill level, but not break the bank on quality ammo, look no further. Federal Premium has managed to use their noncorrosive ammo that is made with reloadable and boxer-primed brass cases to create an affordable option for military and civilian training. Their name is known for reliability and high performance, and this line lives up to that standard.

Trophy Bonded Tip- Created on the platform for the Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, this big game ammo has a premium design that retains maximum weight, has controlled expansion, and solid copper shank that penetrates deep to ensure you get the kill shot you’ve been waiting for. Federal Premium spared no expense on using the finest quality components such as a skived nickel-plated bullet that is corrosion resistant, allows optimal expansion at any range, and makes extraction easy. The neon, translucent polymer tip combined with a boattail bullet create impeccable downrange accuracy. When you are on the big game hunt of a lifetime, this is the ammo to choose to ensure you come home with your prize!

Power-Shok- Federal has combined their signature reliability in penetration, expansion, and weight retention with affordability, to create a perfect deer-sized game ammunition. As always, this ammo is offered as non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases for the highest quality at the best prices. It is offered in a variety of calibers for your convenience.

Speer TNT Green- A V-Shok ammo that is Federal Premium’s lead-free option that couples high velocities and explosive impact while doing away with exit wounds for an all-around perfect varmint ammo. This is a quality new production ammo that is non-corrosive, in boxer-primed, reloadable brass cases.

.410 Personal-Defense The Taurus® Judge was the inspiration for this high-performance personal defense ammo that is used among law enforcement organizations around the world. These 3 inch loads with a unique wad system have a velocity of up to 1200 fps from four-pellet 000 buck, and a phenomenal patterning payloadof No. 4’s. Federal hit the mark with this superior design.

Hydra Shok Handgun- A personal defense ammo with a centerpost and hollow point design that allows for a regulated expansion. The jacket was constructed with a notch to provide engery transfer to break through barriers, while retaining adequate stopping power. This Federal ammo was created so exceptionally that it even meets rigorous FBI testing standards.

Slugs and Buckshot- Federal Premium has four offerings when it comes to Slugs and Buckshot. Barnes Expander Slugs- A lead free hollow point slug option that offers up to 150% better expansion, and is suited to create tight groups at up to 100 yards. Barnes Expander-Tipped Slugs: Another lead free slug option by Federal, but with a polymer tip to provide a flattened trajectory and greater downrange energy for those more difficult long shots. Buckshot- Federal used copper-plated pellets in this buckshot to allow deep infiltration and tight-knit patterns for a more reliable, deadly shot. Truball Slugs- Smoothbore shotgunners brought about this Federal Premium creation when they wanted the accuracy of a rifled barrel in the form of a slug.

Gold Medal- Built for the precision shooter the Gold Medal line from Federal Ammunition offers accuracy that is unmatched from any other major ammunition producer. It features the highly acclaimed Sierra Match King bullets, often regarded as the most accurate Rifle Ammunition projectile in production. So if its range bragging rights or podium awards you're after you might find that Federal Gold Medal Ammunition is what will get you there!.

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