Berger 25 Cal. 115 Gr. Match Hunting VLD

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Berger Bullets...Same Lot Assurance
Berger Bullets are made to exacting standards but we always recommending stocking up on bullets from the same production lot. If you order multiple boxes of Berger Bullets we'll send them from the same production lot. If "same lot" boxes are not available we'll call you before processing your order.

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by on November 12, 2014

We all know how hard it can be to find reloading components these days, I was able to pick these up easily, there were plenty in stock. These bullets perform like no other, they make massive wound channels. I don't recommend placing one through any meat you intend to eat, it won't be there. I wait till I have broad side opportunities and drive one through the pump station. These bullets make massive wound channels and once inside the vital area they come apart dumping all their energy inside the animal. They may not exit leaving two holes for tracking purposes but I never have to track a critter that does not have a heart or most of its lungs, they have a hard time going anywhere.

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